Zu Gast bei Erlebnis und Interaktion: Dan Buzzo

Montag, 11.5.15, 14:00, R12 V02 D90 (2. Stock, blauer Gang)

Die Arbeitsgruppe „Erlebnis und Interaktion“ hat am Montag, den 11.5., einen Gast. Dan Buzzo, Künstler, Designer, Wissenschaftler wird uns seine Arbeiten zum Thema „Zeit und Zeitwahrnehmung“ vorstellen. Ein Titel folgt noch. Alle sind herzlich eingeladen!

Hier Dans Website:

Dan über Dan:

I am an Artist, Designer, Researcher and Educator working with new media and creative technologies. My primary interests are in video art, generative media, interaction design, and interdisciplinary research in arts and technology.

I am a founder member of the Creative Technologies Lab and am associated with the Digital Cultures Research Centre, Bristol UK and the PLaCE Research Centre at the University of the West of England where I am Programme Leader for Digital Media BSc and Web Design BSc. I am a director of Centrespace Gallery, Bristol and a steering member of the People’s Republic of Stoke’s Croft.

As an alumnus of the Royal College of Art my work has been shown widely including; BBC Television, ISEA, Artists Television Access, San Francisco. Act Up, New York. LSE, London and appeared in publications as diverse as The Face, The Guardian and Revolver. I write, lecture and present internationally on art and creative technologies. In 2013 I had the honour to be voted Lecturer of the Year by colleagues and students in the Faculty of Environment and Technology.

I am a visiting researcher at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) In Amsterdam and visiting lecturer at University of Amsterdam and at SHAPE in Hong Kong. My art practice is based around time based media and is an integral part of my Doctoral Research into the Perceptions and Representations of time in Digital Media.