A Better World by Design

Eine sehr interessante Challenge! Ihr könnt bis 15. Juli eure Ideen / Produkte einreichen.

Was ist „A Better World by Design“ für eine Challenge?

We challenge you to reexamine your routine consumption of food, objects, electricity or any consumable resource. Render a product that enables consumers to reduce everyday waste, on an individual or global scale. Waste can be considered as energy, time, food, packaging, space, or any other element of consumption that inspires you. All entries will be judged by a panel of experts on quality of concept, feasibility of production, and consumer appeal. Keep in mind the size restrictions (8’ by 8’ by 8’) and material possibilities (wood pulp, silicon, bamboo, ceramics, glass).

Wer hat „A Better World by Design“ ins Leben gerufen und was ist die Idee dahinter?

The DCI Design Challenge is a collaboration between A Better World by Design and DCI. DCI and Better World have been working together for five years to create a platform for students and professionals to develop product solutions for real world problems. We believe that the design challenge format is a powerful way to get designers of all kinds to engage in tangible problem solving. Our challenge is open to all, and we can’t wait to see what you create.

Keine Challenge ohne Gewinn.. was es gibt und wie alles im Detail abläuft findet ihr auf der Website