„User experience and ergonomics“ at DPPI’13

Eva Lenz, Kai Eckoldt, Wei-Chi Chen, Matthias Laschke and Martin Knobel from our cooperation partner BMW Research and Technology will present on this year’s Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces in Newcastle.



Wednesday, September 4., 13:25., The Whisper Pillow. A Study of Technology-Mediated Emotional Expression in Close Relationshipsby Wei-Chi Chien, Sarah Diefenbach and Marc Hassenzahl

Wednesday, September 4., 13.50., Become a Member of the Last Gentlemen: Designing for Prosocial Driving by Martin Knobel, Marc Hassenzahl, Simon Männlein, Melanie Lamara, Josef Schumann, Kai Eckoldt, Matthias Laschke, Andreas Butz

Wednesday, September 4., 14:30., Overcoming Procrastination with ReMind by Matthias Laschke, Marc Hassenzahl, Jan Brechmann, Eva Lenz and Marion Digel

Wednesday, September 4., 17:10., Exploring Relationships Between Interaction Attributes and Experience by Eva Lenz, Sarah Diefenbach and Marc Hassenzahl. This is a result of our proTACT project.

Thursday, May 02., 09:40., Alternatives: Exploring the Car’s Design Space from an Experience-Oriented Perspective by Kai Eckoldt, Marc Hassenzahl, Matthias Laschke and Martin Knobel
We’re looking forward to meet you!